Thursday, September 24, 2015

St. Joseph's International School - Zokhawthar

St. Joseph's International School is situated at the border of India and Myanmar. it is owned and managed by the Fathers of Holy Cross NE India. It has about 220 students from Nursery to Class VIII, out of which about 60 students are from Myanmar, coming to the school across the border.

As you can see these pictures, we have very dedicated and committed teachers who tried their best to impart knowledge and educating the heart and mind of these simple, lovely children. In spite of poor infrastructure and lack of facilities, these children seem to be happy and proud being part of Holy Cross institution. If the facilities were better, there could have been more students.

On behalf of the school management and the students, I implore you all those individual generous people, Agencies, NGO's and anyone who see these pictures, to come forwards and extend a helping hand in building a better infrastructure and facilities for these school children. They are eagerly waiting for some help, so that they can study better, enjoy better facilities and are able to complete like any other students. 
By: Fr John Pau Khaw Chin, CSC

Do you want to help them? Will you be part of their lives by improving their school environment?

For further details, please contact me in my email.