Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Panisagar Holy Cross School

Panisagar Holy Cross School celebrated Annual Day cum Children's Day on the 16 November 2009.
The occasion was graced with the presence of the chief guest Dr. Sankar Das Chief Medical Surgoen of Panisagar Hospital, Fr. Adaikalam a senior Holy Cross missionary in Tripura, Fr. John PKC the Director of Holy Cross Media Ministry along with good number of parents and well wishers.

Being Children's day, the teachers staged beautiful and educative programs which were entertaining for the students. Some of the artists among the students also performed their talents . It was also a day to honour those students who came out with fying colors in their academinc as well as in the various activities organised by the school.

The chief guest expressed his appreciation for the dedication and service of the Holy Cross School management in developing the talents of the students not only in academic but also in various fields to make the students grow as good human person.