Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday celebrated at Agartala

The irony of Palm Sunday is that none of the glory of the day would last beyond the following week. Such turns and twists and ironies are not unknown to each of us. We have all experienced the alternating course which life lays before us: acceptance/rejection, victory/defeat, hope/despair, love/loneliness. Jesus was exalted on Palm Sunday, but he knew it wouldn't last. Yet, his love and mercy remained intact; he would never surrender to despair or hatred. As we face the daily ironies of our lives, we would do well to remember Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday was meaningfully celebrated at St. Joseph's Church, Durjoynagar, Agartala. The procession began from Holy Cross School and there were many faithful participated remembering the great entry of Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem. The procession was followed by Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Shaji ML, CSC along with other eight priests.

It was indeed moment of witnessing Jesus Christ in the street of Agartala through which we proclaim to the people that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour.