Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's celebrate in the name of Moreau

2007 is the year of Rejoicing and Spiritual Renewal for the Congregation of Holy Cross. There have been celebrations after celebrations everywhere at the Beatification of Basil Anthony Moreau. Quite many people got the chance to witness this great event and the others celebrate this occasion at the regional level or in our own places as meaningful as possible.

I am sure that these celebrations are meant to share our joy for the recognition of our founder as a saint and ofcourse to make known this simple person called Basil Moreau to those who have not known him. I am hopeful that this celebration will help us feel more proud of our Congregation and its founder.

In India, there are series of celebrations coming up one after the others. The northeast province of Tripura just concluded their celebrations while the southern province combine with the brothers are just getting ready for their celebrations. And ofcourse the meghalaya region and mizoram of the northeast province are waiting for their turn in a queue.

What about the rest of our vast country, where many priests and religious have not even heard about Holy Cross Congregation, without mentioning the founder. Are we trying to reemphasis ourselves, our presence to these regions where people already known about Holy Cross?